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...systém zberu, spracovania a recyklácie odpadu


Top objective of the company is to ensure existence, economic stability and sustainable development of the company; the objective means the following: - long-term economic stability and sustainable growth of the company value, - achievement of significant market share and stable position on domestic market and systematic penetration into other European markets. This top objective is characterised also by the investment goal the aims of which can be specified as follows:

  • to build a stable company with long-term vision
  • to become a leader on the domestic market in the field of collection and recycling of metal scrap, to continuously develop the network of own branches.
  • to be a reliable partner of metallurgical companies on one side, and of manufacturing and distribution business supplying secondary raw materials for their processing on the other side.
  • the majority of investments will be aimed at maintaining production technologies of the company at current technical level to enable economical and effective production of raw materials of high quality for consumers.
  • to more flexibly and closely accommodate the customer at collection of vehicles to be disposed of and scrapped.
  • to be a leader of technological advance in the field of waste treatment.