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...system of collection, treatment and recycling of waste


KOVOD a.s. belongs to leading organisations in recycling of metal waste. Within the existing 30 branches in the Slovak Republic, we ensure collection, storage, transport, treatment and utilisation of waste using modern technologies by a team of qualified personnel. Our employees have long-term experience in the company business line and they are regularly trained in compliance with the Act on Wastes. We build on experienced, trained employees with long-term experience in the company business line.

Collection of waste is realised by small-scale reception from natural purchase, reception from legal entities as well as reception of iron scrap at cancellation of factories, disassembly of production halls etc. Iron scrap purchase from local salvage points, where KOVOD a.s. does not have its representation, is made by commercial reception; we ensure iron scrap treatment by mobile devices and transport of material to KOVOD a.s. facilities as a supplier's service.

KOVOD a.s. has been awarded with necessary affirmative decisions, binding opinions, authorisations and other binding permits in compliance with the Act on Wastes which enable the waste management.

Waste management, metal scrap collection, metal scrap treatment and treatment of non-ferrous metals by sorting, cutting, flame cutting, pressing, tearing up authorised collection and treatment of old vehicles, authorised collection of electronic waste, waste paper, cells and accumulators and other waste

We ensure provision of services in waste management concerning all catalogued waste commodities (pursuant to Regulation of MŽP SR No 284/2001 Coll.):

  • Iron and non-iron metals
  • Old vehicles
  • Waste from electronic devices
  • Waste paper
  • Waste plastics
  • Hazardous waste